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Getting into the Festive Spirit

It’s all pine cones, trees and garlands here … the Hadley Park House Hotel is currently being decorated for Christmas. We always try to get our decorations up in plenty of time as it really puts us into the Christmas Spirit! This year, I suggested that we had a change and went with some glitzy chandelier-type ones, but I was told that they would look ...

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It’s a heck of a challenge

That Mark, he never stops. One would think that being the owner of the hotel, along with Geraldine, would occupy enough of his time, but he has decided to take up one heck of a challenge.  Earlier in the summer he confided in me that he had started a weight-loss programme and as part of this he had started to go swimming. He asked me ...

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We’ve had a lick (of paint) ….

I know it’s been a while, my dear friends, since I’ve put paw to post, but this summer has just been so busy. We’ve welcomed weddings, business travellers and even a few familiar faces and to be quite honest it’s been none-stop for Leona & me. We had the lovely boys from Diversity stay, and no matter how patient Ashley was, I couldn’t quite get ...

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Cars, Champagne and Memories

Over the past couple of weeks Leona & I have seen a lovely car sweeping in and out of the drive at Hadley Park House Hotel. People get out and head straight towards Dorrells, our restaurant in Telford. So, I popped on my Secret Squirrel outfit, my Miss Marple hat and twiddled my Poirot moustache to find out more. My detective work has paid off ...

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Wedded Bliss!

Phew! It’s been a busy week here. What with it being Easter, it’s been a fun-packed week. Leona’s put me on a diet so I had to stay away from the Easter Eggs (I did manage to sneak a little one when she wasn’t looking). Hadley Park House Hotel is renown for weddings in Shropshire, so Leona’s become a bit of an authority on all ...

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A Lion’s Love of Easter

Leona & I love Easter. Usually, it’s all daffodils, sunny days, birds nesting and a general spring-like feeling. This Easter might be a little different thanks to this inclement weather, but it’s a sign that Spring is on it’s way. Here at the hotel, we’re getting ready for Easter Sunday Lunch. I love that Dorrells, our Telford restaurant is open over Easter (mainly because on ...

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