Environmental Policy Statement

It is our policy to minimise the harmful effects and maximise the beneficial effects of our activities on our environment. We recognise our Hotel has an important role in protecting and enhancing our environment for future generations.

We have been entrusted with a beautiful Grade II listed building in the heart of the idyllic surroundings of Shropshire countryside. We have sympathetically restored the Georgian Manor to maintain the original character and tried to create a tranquil haven within the grounds.

When building the extension to the property in 2010, we paid particular attention in minimising the impact to the environment by planting new hedges to replace the greenery we removed and also diverted the local pathway so that the countryside can still be enjoyed by all. We also took the opportunity to replace our old heating boiler with an efficient new one in 2023, reducing our carbon footprint. We have also have an agreement with our local business partners to share our parking facilities during peak times, minimising nuisance to our residential and business neighbours and also reducing the need to take up more land to be used for parking.

We aim to provide our guests with a high standard of accommodation and customer care at a competitive tariff. At the same time we wish to minimise the impact of our business on the environment. We invite our guests to support our efforts to run a green tourism business in which we aim to minimise our consumption of resources, especially water and energy, and our production of waste.

We regularly review our energy efficiency with the aid of an EPC report.

There are thermostats on all the bedroom radiators and showers, along with fully controllable air conditioning in the West Wing so our heating output can be controlled when rooms are vacant. During room servicing we turn off all TVs rather than consuming energy on standby. Where possible we use low energy bulbs and timers to reduce consumption by lights. We sort our rubbish in order to recycle glass and cardboard. We re-use paper for internal paperwork. We prefer to choose fresh products with minimal packaging. We are constantly increasing our use of email and the internet to reduce our use of paper. We use local suppliers for the majority of food purchases.

Our aims:

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