We’ve had a lick (of paint) ….

I know it’s been a while, my dear friends, since I’ve put paw to post, but this summer has just been so busy. We’ve welcomed weddings, business travellers and even a few familiar faces and to be quite honest it’s been none-stop for Leona & me. We had the lovely boys from Diversity stay, and no matter how patient Ashley was, I couldn’t quite get my back-flip right. 

I did get a bit excited at the beginning of this week though as Leona told me I was going to get licked all over. Turns out, as usual, I wasn’t really listening to her so I wasn’t in for the night of pleasure as I thought, but instead the outside of the building has had a lick of paint instead. And, it seems that the renovations won’t stop there as a few of the rooms in the main house are set for a refurb in the next few weeks too. 

I’ll keep you posted but it seems that my suggestion of a leopard print throw and zebra rug haven’t gone down too well …

All the best


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