Terms and Conditions

Hadley Park House Conference, Wedding and Special Events Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction

1.1 Any arrangement you enter into for the supply of goods, services and facilities is a contract and it’s important for the parties to any contract to understand exactly what is being arranged and what their rights and obligations are.

1.2 The parties to the contract are ourselves (for convenience now referred to as “the Hotel” meaning Hadley Park House) and yourself (for convenience now referred to as “the client” meaning the individual, firm or limited company requesting and ordering the supply of goods, services, or facilities to be supplied by the Hotel)

1.3 The contract will be governed by the Terms and Conditions set our below and no others, but if the Hotel agrees, they may be amended with the written agreement of the Hotel General Manager. The contract may not be assigned to the Client.

1.4 The Client’s signature is not required on the Hotel Schedule, however we strongly advice your read through the Terms & Conditions and put in writing any concerns or questions you may have within 14 days of receiving. After 14 days this will automatically confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.5 It is the Clients responsibility to arrange the marriage service, conducted by the registrars or Church

1.6 Please note that it is compulsory that wedding insurance is taken out at the time of booking.

1.7 All weddings are booked with Non-Exclusive Use, unless otherwise agreed and upgraded with the wedding team with the fixed rate added to the wedding account.

1.8 Bedrooms are not automatically booked when a deposit is received, this will need to be arranged in writing to the wedding team, identifying how many rooms are required. This then will be booked for you.


  1. Booking Procedure

2.1 Provisional Booking

  1. a) The Hotel will accept bookings provisionally, should there be availability
    A provisional booking is not a confirmed arrangement and no contract is entered into at this stage.
  2. b) Within 14 days of the provisional booking the Hotel will send to the Client confirmation of the provisional booking, whilst the clients arrange wedding insurance and contact the registrar or church to arrange the marriage service.
  3. c) The provisional booking will be cancelled automatically without notification to the Client, 14 days after the date of the provisional booking letter, unless a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit has been made.
  4. d) A non-refundable or transferable deposit is required to secure a wedding date of £1,000.00, This deposit cannot be transferred to another date or refunded. The Deposit required to secure non wedding functions is £300.00, which is non-refundable.
  5. e) At this stage the Hotel will require confirmation of the times booked, by the bride & groom, for the marriage service. Which should have been booked with your registrar or church.

2.2 Confirmed Arrangements

  1. a) The Hotel will issue a contract once the first non-refundable or transferable deposit of £1,000 has been paid, which will have the effect of confirming the arrangements subject to these Terms and Conditions. The confirmation will be based on the information supplied by the Client at booking stage, and will be amendable from the first schedule as long as the final copy prior to the Event is also signed.
  2. i) By January the year of your wedding, a further non-refundable or transferable deposit of £1000 should be paid.
  3. ii) No less than 12 weeks prior, a further non-refundable or transferable payment is due of your total package price. The Client will also notify the Hotel of finer details. These details will then be regarded to calculate the next payment: details of timings on the day, menus, dietary requirements, room requirements. At this stage, the number of guests should be identified but will not be regarded as fixed, provided the Hotel are notified of any changes by the client so that the costs can be recalculated.
  4. b) Following receipt of the details mentioned above the Hotel will calculate a provisional estimate of final cost and will issue an interim invoice representing the estimated final cost, including VAT at the current rate at that time.
  5. c) Not more than 21 days, but not less than 4 weeks prior to the event, the Client will supply final numbers, along with a table plan if required. The Hotel will then recalculate final charges and determine the balance to be paid. The Schedule will then be forwarded to the client for the balance to be settled no later than 4 weeks before the event. Please see the section about cancellation if the invoice is not paid when due, which terms will apply in the case of a default in payment.
  6. d) The Hotel will at its discretion consider accepting final adjustments to the number of persons attending the event no later than 72 hours before the event. Should numbers drop, the Hotel may consider offering a full or partial credit of that amount which will be offset against outstanding balances or a credit note will be issued. Cash will not be refunded.
  7. Supplementary provisions

3.1 In the case of weddings, a minimum spends of £7000.00 will apply to Saturday dates throughout the Year. The Hotel may negotiate this for off peak months or late availability bookings.

3.2 Wedding Clients are required to select a set menu for their guests i.e. one starter, one main course and one dessert. Should Wedding Clients choose to offer a choice to their guests the Hotel must be sent a table by table pre-order totalling how many of each choice is required prior to the Wedding.

3.3 There will only be 1 Wedding booked to a day, however the Hotel reserve the right to sell another function and restaurant bookings on the same date.

3.4 Clients wishing to have exclusive use of the Hotel, Hotel facilities and staff will be required to pay an exclusivity fee, plus all 22 rooms must be filled. The Hotel cannot guarantee exclusive use without the payment of the fee. All bedrooms must be filled to guarantee exclusivity, any not filled must be paid for by the Client
Exclusive Fees:

This gives you the hotel from midday on the day of your wedding until 11am the following morning. Our Exclusivity fee is £5,000 (2023), which is inclusive of all 22 bedrooms, plus exclusive use of the hotel, all function rooms & grounds. If your guests pay for their own rooms, then the fee will be reduced, but all rooms must be filled. (Our Exclusive Use Fee, will be an added fee on top of your wedding package, unless you have selected our Exclusive Use & A Happy Ever After Wedding Package)
Rates: 2023 – £5,000 2024 – £6,000 2025 – £7,500

3.5 The Hotel will not hold any bedrooms until notified by the Client of an approximate number of rooms they require, this must be done on time of booking or once the first schedule is issued. More rooms may be held at a later stage subject to availability.

3.6 All rooms are subject to availability; the Hotel cannot guarantee any to be available particularly Bridal Suites in the event of a late Wedding Booking.

3.7 Bedrooms can be held on a allocation. Rooms must then be organised via wedding guests independently.
Wedding guests will then be required to pay their own individual deposits of £50.00 per room. Any rooms remaining unnamed by the Client 8 weeks before the event, shall be released without prior notice.

3.8 Day and Residential Conference inclusive packages are based on the assumption that a minimum of people will attend. Should numbers fall below 8 either before on the day, the Hotel reserves the right to recalculate costs for individual services accordingly. These charges must then be paid on the day of the event, unless otherwise agreed by the General Manager.

  1. Cancellation or Movement to a New Date

4.1 Should the Client wish to cancel or move to a new date, then the Client must give notice in writing to the General Manager as soon as possible. Non payment of any sums due to the Hotel when they fall due will result in the cancellation of the event. The Client will be obliged to pay the Hotel compensation for their loss within 14 days based on the scale below. Please note that any deposits paid are non-refundable or transferable to a new date.

4.2 The Hotel will take steps to re-sell the components of the day to mitigate the loss, any refunds that may be due, will be refunded back to the client after the contracted date of wedding.

4.3 The charges calculated on the Schedule, based on the latest information received from the Client, prior to the cancellation, will form the basis of the calculation for the cancellation fee. Please note all deposits, listed above, are non-refundable or transferable.



Weddings Conferences Accommodation
Between 12 months & 6 months 50 % Between 3 months & 28 days 25% Between 28 days and 14 day 50%
Between 6 months & Under 100% Between 28 days & 15 days 50% Less than 14 days 100%
  Less than 14 days 100%  


4.4 The Client, in addition to the Hotel cancellation fee, will compensate any third party in respect of arrangements already made for the event.

4.5 It is now compulsory for the Client to organise wedding insurance upon booking, as listed above in section 1.6

  1. Changes in facility

5.1 The Hotel reserves the right to change the assigned room(s) for one(s) of equal suitability without notice.

5.2 In the event of building works being carried out, the Hotel shall endeavour to provide facilities of a similar nature to those originally booked.

5.3 In the event of no suitable alternative room being available on that date, an alternative date may be offered.

5.3 Should the Client decide to not accept alternative offers, any refunds or discounts will be at the Directors discretion.

  1. Cancellation by the Hotel

The Hotel may cancel the contract and all arrangements made under it at any time without incurring liability to the Client if any of the following events occur:

6.1 The Client fails to pay any sum due to the Hotel when it becomes payable under these terms and conditions

6.2 The Client or Hotel become insolvent, bankrupt or goes into liquidation or has an administrator or receiver appointed over its affairs

6.3 All or any individual part of the Hotel is closed due to fire or water damage or due to alterations or redecoration enforced by public or statutory authority.

6.4 The Hotel is forced to close all or part of the building due to reasons beyond the Hotel control, such as natural disaster, pandemics, burst pipes, malicious damage and enforced Government or Local Authority closure.

6.5 A disruption in services such as water, gas or electricity.

6.6 Industrial action by the Hotel staff or suppliers

6.7 Bookings cancelled by the Hotel, due to circumstances out of the Hotel’s control, will, where possible, be offered an alternative date. All monies paid by the Client will be transferred to that date.

6.8 Alternative dates will not be offered to Clients that have failed to pay all or part of their booking to the agreed schedule.

6.9 The Hotel will not be liable for any losses incurred by the Client, from a third party as a result of the Hotel closure and strongly advises the Client organises insurance.

6.10 Bookings moved to alternative dates will incur an agreed rate of inflation.


  1. Payment

7.1 Credit facilities may be granted at the sole discretion of the Hotel

7.2 Payment is due on presentation of the invoice. Any queries must be raised within 14 days, however the Client is still obliged to pay the invoice on presentation.

7.3 The Hotel reserved the right to charge interest every 28 days, or part thereof, on any outstanding balance. The rate will be based on the current Lloyds TSB Base Rate.

7.4 Should the Hotel have to issue court proceedings to recover any sum from the Client, the Client will be liable for all legal costs and expenses incurred by the Hotel.

  1. Supply of Food and Drink by the Client

8.1 The Hotel does not permit any beverages, not purchased from the Hotel, for consumption on the premises or grounds, without the express written permission of the General Manager. Corkage charges will be made.

8.2 The Hotel reserves the right to confiscate any beverages being consumed by the Client or a representative of the Client that the Hotel believe have not been purchased from the Hotel. The items will be returned after the event.

8.3 The Hotel reserves the right to refuse any requests for the supply of food, not prepared by Hotel staff on Hotel premises. Any agreement must be in the form of written permission from the General Manager and a disclaimer notice must be signed by the Client prior to the event. The Hotel reserves the right to charge for this service.

8.4 Please note that wedding cakes made of cheese will incur a service charge of £75, Pork Pies and other additional food items are not permitted and will be classed as outside catering, which sadly is not authorised.

8.5 Suppliers can set up for a civil ceremony or a wedding breakfast from 10.30am, evening receptions from 5.30pm.

  1. Compliance with regulations and standards

9.1 The Hotel and its functions are the subject of statutory and licensing controls in relation to such things as fire, health & safety, licensing and entertainment. Clients and their representatives must observe these controls.

9.2 The Hotel reserves the right to judge acceptable levels or noise and behaviour of the Client and the Clients representatives. If in the judgement of the Hotel the Client or the Clients representatives do not exhibit the behaviour required, the Hotel reserves the right to eject the individuals, or if necessary, stop the event. No compensation, refund or repayment will be made.

9.3 The Hotel reserves the right to charge for any wilful damage.

  1. Personal belongings

10.1 The Hotel accepts no responsibility for any property or goods that are lost or stolen whilst on the Hotel premises.

10.2 If the Hotel agrees to provide storage and subsequently fails to take reasonable care of such property, the Hotels liability will be limited to £100 per item.

10.3 The Hotel reserves the right to dispose of any items left behind for 14 days or more prior to a Wedding/Function.

  1. Time

Should the Hotel fail to perform its obligations contained in these terms and conditions, within or at the time specified, this will not constitute a breach of contract and will not give rise to any claim for damages.

  1. Fireworks

In the event of holding a firework display, written consent must be given by the Hotel, additionally we require 2 weeks’ notice in order to inform local services and neighbours. The latest time permissible for fireworks is 10pm.


  1. External Suppliers
  2. i) Any external suppliers that the Client wishes to engage the services of for the purpose of entertainment, must provide the Hotel with proof of public liability insurance and PAT testing, 2 weeks prior to the event. In the event of the documents not being supplied the Hotel reserves the right to decline the supplier performance.
  3. ii) Please note out sourced suppliers requiring use of electric will incur a service charge. Dj’s & Bands will be charged £100 fee.

iii) Any suppliers sourced by the Hotel on behalf of the Client will be vetted and supplied in good faith. The Hotel will verify that the supplier holds the relevant public liability insurance and PAT testing documentation.

iiii) The Hotel reserved the right to change suppliers in the event of the nominated supplier not be available or should the Hotel deem the supplier not suitable.

  1. Photographs

Photographs taken during Weddings/Events may be used by the Hotel for future advertising purposes across all platforms including our website, social media outlets and within Hotel literature. The Client must select below if they wish to restrict their photographs being used. I give my consent for my images to be used by the Hotel I do not wish to give my consent for my images to be used by the Hotel


  1. Jurisdiction

The Law governing this contract shall be the law of England and Wales and any dispute shall be dealt with in the Courts of England and Wales.

  1. Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is a specific type of insurance that means you are protected from any financial loss that occurs as a result of cancellations, accidents, illness, supplier failure. We note that Wedding Insurance is a compulsory requirement to all our couples and must be completed upon booking and confirming your wedding date with us. A copy of your Wedding Insurance certificate may be requested during yoru planning changes

  1. Terms & Conditions – No Signature Required

Please note there is no signature required whilst entering into your wedding agreement.
You here by have 14 days to dispute your Terms and Conditions, after this time scale the contract is then legally binding.



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