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Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is a specific type of insurance that means you are protected from any financial loss that occurs as a result of cancellations, accidents, illness, supplier failure.
Please note that it is compulsory for all our couples take out insurance as stated in our full terms & conditions.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

In general, however, most wedding insurance policies cover the following things…

1) A supplier letting you down, not showing up or providing damaged goods

If one of your suppliers (e.g. florist, caterers, band, and wedding photographer) doesn’t provide the service agreed at the time of booking then you should be covered. This includes both the supplier simply not turning up to provide the service or deliver the goods or providing damaged goods. Your wedding insurance should cover you in these cases for any deposits you’ve paid and any additional costs you incur trying to rectify the situation. It’s very important to make sure you have a written agreement with each supplier you use though otherwise you won’t be able to claim. And be sure to keep any receipts. Make sure your policy also lists all the suppliers you’re using as some exclusions may apply.

2) You have to cancel due to illness, an accident or the death of a close family member

No one wants to even consider this possibility, but if the worst should happen and you have to rearrange or cancel the wedding because someone close to you is extremely ill, dies or has an accident then your insurance should cover the costs. The person in question has to be someone integral to the wedding – so either member of the couple or someone in the wedding party (close family, bridesmaids and best man). Any illnesses however won’t be covered if they were caused by a pre-existing condition.

This clause also covers you if any member of the wedding party is suddenly called up for jury service or are a serving member of the UK armed services and are posted overseas unexpectedly.

3) Extreme weather resulting in the cancellation of the wedding

Remember the Beast From The East back in 2018? Yes snow might look pretty on your wedding day but if it’s as severe as that storm was and stops at least 50% of your guests making it to your big day then you can postpone and will most likely be covered (again remember to check your policy especially if you’re having a winter wedding).

4) Lost or stolen items (rings, dresses, flowers, gifts etc).

If any items go missing or are stolen you should be covered for the value if you take out wedding insurance. However, this is another case where the level of cover differs according to both your policy and the item in question. For example the wedding rings are covered if they are lost or stolen, but in many cases the cover is only valid a week before the wedding and for 24 hours afterwards. Engagement rings won’t be covered at all and you’ll need to add them to your separate home insurance. Your wedding attire is usually covered from the moment you take out the policy (or as soon as you hire the outfit) until you’ve finished wearing them at the wedding.

In many policies both flowers and the wedding cake are covered up until the reception part of the day and if either are left unattended during the transportation or delivery it’s unlikely you’ll be able to claim.

You’ll want to make sure your wedding gifts are covered as they are a prime target for being stolen. As long as the wedding gifts aren’t left unattended, if they are lost, stolen or damaged you will be covered. This also applies to any gifts you’ve bought to give out at the wedding to members of the bridal party. The cover usually lasts for a month up to the wedding date and for 24 hours after the “I dos”. If you’ve asked for money instead of gifts be sure to check that the policy wording includes money under the category of wedding gifts.

5) Photography or videography faults

A bit like the supplier failure clause, if there’s a failure when it comes to photography or videography you should be covered. This includes your wedding photos or video not being able to be developed due to a technical fault as well as the photographer or videographer not turning up on the day. This only applies to professionals though. If you’re simply not happy with the quality of the pictures this won’t be covered, so think twice before you use an amateur.

Many wedding insurance policies cover the cost of hiring outfits again so that the bridal party can get dressed up after the wedding and have photos retaken.

6) Personal liability and legal expenses

If a third party is injured on your wedding day or damage is caused to the venue by any of your suppliers, your wedding insurance should cover you. However, any damage caused by guests won’t be covered. If you incur any legal costs as a result of an accident that causes death or injury during the wedding then these should also be covered.

Public liability cover, which would cover you in case a guest causes damage or injury to a third party, does not come as standard and would need to be added on at an additional cost. However, in most cases isn’t really necessary.

As described in the Ultimate Guide to UK Weddings 2023

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