Wedding Trends for 2019

So what is predicted to be popular at weddings in 2019?

It’s always good to be ahead of the game and as a popular Shropshire wedding venue, we like to keep abreast of trends so we can help and advise on the latest wedding trends.

Colour themes are an important consideration. They set the tone for the day and bring dreams to reality. Getting the right colour can create a magical, romantic space. In 2019, there are a number of colour schemes expected to be popular:

Green – taking inspiration from Harry and Meghan’s wedding, a simple palette of white and green is likely to be a popular choice. To make things more rustic and earthy, wooden and natural accessories add an additional note of colour.

Colours from Paradise – tropical pinks, oranges and statement greens and blues create drama and a real talking point and should never be overlooked.

Purple – this colour is a wedding staple and never goes out of style. What we are seeing more of, however, is the use of various shades of the same colour.

Blue – from suits to bridesmaid dresses, navy is a classy choice that is a great base to add a pop of colour for contrast.

Hoops, flower crowns and cider …

The traditional floral posy or large spray is set to be superseded by the floral hoop! Circles symbolise unity and togetherness so more brides are choosing to walk down the aisle carrying a beautifully decorated floral hoop. There is a resurgence of flower crowns coupled with tousled hair for a boho style.

The catwalks were awash with different wedding dress styles, with big bows and feathers being a major feature. But, there is also a trend towards the wedding two-piece with skirts and tops being selected instead of a traditional dress as they are much easier to wear. Wedding jumpsuits have also made their way onto the catwalk.

Channeling the rise of popularity in cider, Cider Buckets are now a great option for guests who are fans of fermented fruits.

There is always the opportunity to take a look back at previous weddings held here at Hadley Park House Hotel for a little inspiration too!

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