Wedded Bliss!

Phew! It’s been a busy week here. What with it being Easter, it’s been a fun-packed week. Leona’s put me on a diet so I had to stay away from the Easter Eggs (I did manage to sneak a little one when she wasn’t looking).

Hadley Park House Hotel is renown for weddings in Shropshire, so Leona’s become a bit of an authority on all things bridal. We’ve seen more than one blushing bride here this week and Leona’s been checking out the bridal party outfits (apparently blue’s big and so are bows) – but as a mere man, I don’t pay attention to such things.

She’s also been boring me (sorry, I mean informing me) of some useless useful facts about getting wed. This is what I’ve learnt so far:

And, weddings aren’t just reserved for a Saturday anymore … here at the hotel we see lots of weddings taking place in the week. Could be something to do with the hotel’s inclusive wedding packages.

Anyway, another wedding’s just arriving so I’d best be off to welcome them.

All the best



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