Upgrading for efficiency

There’s been something of a few upgrades here at Hadley Park House Hotel Telford. Firstly, a man came to me to say that he was here to replace the old boiler. To be honest, I thought that wasn’t the best way to describe Leona until I realised that he meant the actual boiler in the hotel!

Now we have a new pressure boiler it means that hot water is being plentifully pumped around the entire hotel. Working within the constraints of our beautiful Georgian house I did wonder how this new boiler would cope, but I’ve heard that even if you’re staying in the very highest rooms, or are the furthest away, you still have a wonderful power shower each time. 

So having got over the excitement of the hot water and my confusion over the old boiler (Leona can be so sensitive at times), the next person to pop in was someone who upgraded the WiFi. Being a lion, I have no clue what this means, but Leona, who is somewhat more tech-savvy than me, tells me that our Shropshire hotel now has a high-speed internet system so you can work, browse or shop quickly and easily on your laptops, tablets or phones when you’re at the hotel. Not sure if it’ll work for me … I prefer The Times crossword. 

All the best


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