There are just 223 sleeps …

As I sit here typing away, I’ve just calculated that there are in fact just 223 sleeps until Christmas …

It’s a good job that Hadley Park House Hotel has got it’s Christmas brochure sorted then! We love Christmas here at the hotel and Hadley Park holds one of the best Christmas Parties in Telford!! Personally I like the magical Christmas Party Nights, seeing people dressed in their finery (and then coming back out of the doors usually in a little worse state of dress than when they arrived!). It’s a really good night and I often manage to tuck into some of the superb dishes that our fantastic chefs create for the Christmas menus before having a little dance whilst no-one is watching (I love the classics by Slade and Wizzard).

This year, Leona is super-excited by the new Christmas Afternoon Tea as it’s being served with a glass of bubbles. That’s women for you, give them a glass of champagne and they get over-excited.

I may treat myself this year and invest in a new tuxedo – after all, I could wear in for Christmas Day Lunch, New Year’s Eve and possibly even on Boxing Day … you can never look too smart can you? Having said that, I could perhaps also pop it on for the Michael Buble night – it’s one of many Christmas Cabaret Nights our Telford Hotel is hosting. Not sure it would work for the Grease and Dirty Dancing Night – might have to persuade Leona to let me have a leather jacket.

Anyway, although we’re looking forward to Christmas, there’s still an action packed summer to get through, what with weddings, special events and parties. But, that’s all in a day’s work.

All the best


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