Review of the Year

As 2012 comes to a close, we’ve decided to do what all good TV channels and newspapers do and that’s to look back on the year and pick out some of our ‘best bits’.

We hear so many accents coming and going and I’m not just talking about those quirky English ones. Here at Hadley Park Leona & I welcome people from around the world. They could be here on business or for pleasure. As a result, I am pleased to report that Leona’s now polishing up on her language skills. Her Spanish is almost conversational, but in my opinion the Italian has some way to go yet. That’s why I think she will simply love my Christmas gift. Just between us, I have ordered a Rosetta Stone CD box set which will be simply marvellous. I think it’s only reasonable of me to expect her to be fluent in Japanese by Easter, don’t you agree?

As ever, we’ve seen quite a number of brides this year – over 100 in fact. We’re pleased to report that as far as we’ve seen from our front door outposts, there haven’t been any ‘Bridezilla’ incidents. We can’t say that we’ve really got a favourite wedding; each and every one has been memorable and it would be unfair of us to single one person out. 

We’ve smelt some delicious wafts coming from the kitchen. That Chef Mark is a clever chap. He doesn’t seem to have taken on board any of my suggestions though. I thought antelope and warthog would be a delicacy, but he doesn’t seem to share my opinion. Perhaps in the New Year when the seasonal menu changes again, I will remember to ask him what he thinks of my ideas.

Anyway, Leona keeps reminding me that I’m leaving her to do all of the work, so I’d best sign off and wish you all a very prosperous and healthy 2013. I do hope to welcome you at the front door of Hadley Park House Hotel soon; remember to give me a nod.

All the best


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