Lookalikes coming to Hadley Park!

I’ve just seen the Hadley Park Hotel’s events list (yes, as a lion, I can read !) and my, there are some great things coming up! There’ll be some great nights out in Telford thanks to some brilliant tribute nights.

Let Hadley Entertain you on 11th April at our Robbie Williams Tribute Night. Apparently the young man who takes off the Robster is just as charismatic and flamboyant as the man himself! So come on you Robbie fans, bring your best singing voices with you!

I’ve heard people talk of a man called Peter Kay who is supposed to like ‘Garlic Bread’ and ‘Cheese Cake’ (not at the same time surely). Apparently there’s a man called Lee Lard who is the next best thing and I’ll be welcoming him to the hotel on 3rd May!

Take a look on the events page on the website for nights of fun, laughter and dinner!

All the best


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