Introducing Leo and Leona

This is positively thrilling. At last Leona & I have notoriety! To have our own blog to relay just what goes on at Hadley Park House Hotel is, well, beyond exciting. People come and go through the front doors and they simply don’t always notice us. But we notice them. That’s why we think that we’re the perfect people to let you in on the secrets of what really goes on here. We’ve our ears to the ground, eyes on red alert and paws poised to spring into action.

You may wonder how a lion can tap away on this blog, but you’ve probably never noticed just how small and delicate my paws are. And besides, I’m a proficient touch typist and my current speed is 60 words per minute.

Please come back and read our musings. It’s likely to be an eclectic mix of what we’ve seen at the hotel, together with our thoughts on life in general that we often like to ponder on a cold day. We hope you enjoy the blog posts; please come back again soon.

All the best


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