Getting into the Festive Spirit

It’s all pine cones, trees and garlands here … the Hadley Park House Hotel is currently being decorated for Christmas. We always try to get our decorations up in plenty of time as it really puts us into the Christmas Spirit! This year, I suggested that we had a change and went with some glitzy chandelier-type ones, but I was told that they would look simply garish and wouldn’t reflect the elegance of the house!!

This year though, we’ve decided to extend the celebrations and hold a post-Christmas bash for all the poor people (like me and I suppose everyone at the hotel) who are working over the Christmas period. They’ve told me that it’ll be a real Christmas do – complete with crackers, hats and dancing to Slade (can’t wait, I’m already practicing my moves).

Do come over to the hotel and take a look at our decorations, they should be up in the next few days!

All the best


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