It’s hot in the kitchen …

We’re all a little bit hot under the collar …. no, we’ve not been up to anything untoward, we’ve just had a new oven that’s all (sometimes, you have filthy minds)!!! Sadly the old oven went to kitchen-heaven but gladly I didn’t have to help move it – not with my bad back.

The new oven came just in time as the hotel held one of their Guinea Pig Nights recently. At first I got a bit excited (I’m a Lion, Guinea Pigs are a mere canape) but then it was explained to me that the Guinea Pig Night is for guests to try out new dishes that our clever chefs have created. Everyone has a taster of the new dishes, gives them a score and then the very best make the new Dorrells Restaurant Telford seasonal menu.

This Guinea Pig Night sold out quickly and the next is scheduled for 7th May 2014 – so I suggest you get in quick if you want to try an avalanche of food and be a food critic for the evening. 

Well, it’ll soon be Valentine’s Day and we’ll be swamped with couples gazing into each others eyes over their candlelit dinner. That reminds me, I’d best pop down the shops and get Leona a card, if I forget again she’ll skin me alive!

All the best


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